Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unexplored Features

Dynamics 365 is the latest offering product in Microsoft’s long line of business management software. The first step to deliver its version of bringing of CRM, ERP and supporting business applications together under one digital platform. This completely new approach to business software delivery is the result of years of development and innovation on Microsoft’s part, having been a prominent vendor in the business application for almost two decades. Microsoft’s new cloud-based offering, which combines Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, is fully integrated features and tools for sales, marketing and operations to enhance your productivity.

There are so many features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are available for both online and on-premises. And as Dynamics 365 continues to improve and develop, the frequency of these updates can present a challenge when it comes to understanding the latest features and understanding how it will benefit your organization. Because changes are vital for businesses to be as productive as possible, we have compiled some of the best features of this software.

Let’s talk about its unexplored features.


Once we noticed that Dynamics 365 showed up on our list of Office 365 apps. We were expecting Dynamics 365 to be some sort of stuffy business application with a use that is almost incomprehensible to an IT pro like myself. We found that the Dynamics 365 app took us into an app store that features, among other things, several simple but useful applications that had been built on top of Office 365 PowerApps.

If you don’t know about PowerApps, it is essentially a development environment that allows you to build custom applications without writing any code. Being that Microsoft is a software company, we never expected Microsoft to develop Office 365 apps in this environment and yet that is exactly what it has done in Dynamics 365.

When you first open Dynamics 365, you will initially see a screen. In that screen, it contains a direct link to PowerApps, along with a blurb indicating that you can use PowerApps to create custom apps.

We can say this, Dynamics 365 has really worked on this feature and you spent time with this app and explore about the new features you may be surprised. This is one of the most innovative and exciting features on which Microsoft have worked with lots of intensity and made it very successful.

Outlook Client

Although the integration between CRM and the Outlook Client has always been tight, Dynamics 365 takes that integration to yet another level. Now you can work easily and more effectively without ever leaving your inbox, track your emails, book appointments and set tasks.

Azure Machine Learning

The part of Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s tool for predictive and artificial intelligence. Azure Machine Learning can be used for, among many other things, recommending cross-selling opportunities and analyzing cases and tickets. In the coming time, more features will be integrated orienting around Machine Learning that will make the user experience better.

Power BI Integration

With the help of this software, you can now embed entire dashboards. Because the capabilities of Power BI in Dynamics 365 have been further enhanced, you can now add titles to dashboards, embed entire dashboards in reports and make them interactive. You can also create real-time visualizations. Beyond all that. You can also activate these embedded dashboards for tablets as well as smartphones.

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