Discovering the Highest Rated Trading App Online – Edelweiss Mobile Trader

So you decide that you want to get started with trading – what exactly is the first step? You could ask your friends or family for advice on what stocks to buy, and that’s totally fine. Or, you could, in fact, check out what traders in the market today are using. An interesting thing to note is that many traders have moved to use mobile phones to trade, and for good reasons too. People use applications, or ‘apps’ made by a wide variety of companies to trade. These apps are easy to use and pack an impressive feature set. Besides, our mobiles are always with us, hence, it is easy to reach out to the devices we have and simply get on with the trading bit. Trading on mobile phones is called ‘Mobile Trading’ and it’s all the rage these days. If you were to check out the various apps that are available, you shall find that some apps are rated better than others by users who have used them. And if you are using an Android phone, the top-rated app concerning share market trading is Edelweiss Mobile Trader by Edelweiss Broking Limited. Sure, there are a ton of other apps you can use to trade, but the app by Edelweiss is top rated for a good reason.

For starters, the bulk of the app’ functionalities can be access for free. That includes a highly advanced charting section with numerous technical indicators, stock screener (Which as the name suggests, allows you to filter out market opportunities with ease), a comprehensive markets section which provides deep insights into markets with a dedicated section for Equities, Derivatives, Commodity and Mutual Funds among a host of other things. Most importantly for an app, you also get access to real time streaming of quotes across the NSE and BSE, derivatives as well as commodities in real time! A feature that sets this app apart from many others is the fact that you actually do get news in real time – that’s faster than what you get on TV, and as any trader will tell you, that’s critical in the world of trading!

Diving a bit deeper into the actual bits that set Edelweiss Mobile Trader apart from the rest, you can see features such as the ability to track trends, and do your stock market research from virtually anywhere with live streaming data and a host of charts on this stock trading app. This is in addition to things such as the fact that the app provides in depth market analysis with detailed information such as 52-week high stocks, 52-week low stocks, FII & DII flow, top gainers & top losers in the stock market, etc.

What sets the app apart from some of the other apps on the market is the ability of users to create dynamic and pre-defined watch lists for research calls, open positions, holdings etc. What’s more, is that you can conveniently customize these watch lists to display details as per your requirements. In line with most of the other fantastic features on the app, this too is available for free to all users. In addition to this, Edelweiss has a team of experts who analyse market performance and that of various companies in a thorough manner, and this results in long-term research calls that you can go with if that’s your thing. For traders who are looking at trading in the short-term, the app provides an impressive set of data points that help them make decisions on what to invest in, and what to not invest in.

Because the app packs a ton of features while retaining its ease of use for consumers, this may be your one-stop destination for all trading needs. It has a diverse set of features that set it apart from the rest and because most of the critical trading-related information is available for free, it’s no wonder then most folks who use the app, really do love it!

The app is available on Android as well as iOS. You can download the app by clicking here

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