Easy Tips to Improve Mobile Phone Internet Speed

It’s no brainer – a majority of our Internet activity happens on our smartphones. Whether we are at home, office or on a vacation, we have always connected to the web all thanks to our smartphones. No wonder users prefer Spectrum Internet offers. They want the best Internet speed to browse, stream, and shop. The only problem is, the mobile Internet doesn’t always run at its peak efficiency.

Are you complaining about slow mobile phone Internet lately? There are a few tips that you can use to boost speed. They won’t turn your 4G LTE connection to 5G, of course, but they can fix the lag. Without further ado, let’s explore these tips:

Download a Performance Boosting App

Performance-boosting apps are created to remove duplicate files from our devices. They help reach optimal device performance. One popular choice is Clean Master. It is an antivirus and a phone boost. It’s very efficient in removing junk files and viruses from the phone that might be hindering its performance. You can also use DU Speed Booster. It helps clean the RAM and closes background app activities.

Uninstall Unused Apps and Widgets

Unused apps and widgets don’t just take up extra space in your device, they also consume a ton of mobile data. Even if you are not using them, they keep running in the background and you never get to know.

So hunt down all the unnecessary items on your device. Look for any widgets on the home screen that you rarely use. Simply hold and drag and you will be shown the option to delete. Similarly, if there are unnecessary apps on your device, go to the applications menu and uninstall them.

Keep in mind, some apps are placed on your device by your carrier and you can’t delete them. Ignore all such apps.

Don’t Use the Internet During Peak Hours

Usually, during peak hours, no matter how good the Internet speed, you still experience lag. That’s because everyone is using the Internet to browse, install app updates or download large files at the same time. So if you need faster speed, then it’s best that you use the Internet off-peak hours.

Use an Ad Blocker

Ads eat up a significant portion of your mobile data. This must be one reason why your Internet speed is lagging. Apart from this, ads also affect the processing power of your device. So, download an ad blocker to block unnecessary ads.

You can also use an ad-blocking web browser that helps keep web pages free from ads. AdBlock browser is a highly recommended choice.

Check Your Phone’s Cache

Often, your smartphone’s cache memory slows down the Internet speed. It happens when the cache memory on the device is filled up with after you have downloaded apps or accessed different websites. A simple solution to that is clearing your cache memory.

Don’t Leave Apps Running in the Memory

This does not directly relate to disrupting the Internet speed, but it can make the internal memory of your device to slow down. When there is a problem with the performance of your smartphone, it can slow down the Internet as well. To make sure everything is running smoothly, hit “Force Quit” after using the app. Make it a habit to restart your device daily. This closes all the apps running in the memory.

Enable Maximum Data Loading Speed

Go to your phone’s “Network Settings” and then select “GPRS Transfer Prefer to Call Prefer.” Then choose “Select the Data to Prefer.” This enables maximum data loading speed in your smartphone. In case it was not enabled before, you will now experience a boost in the Internet data speed.

Check Your Network Settings

If you are having frequent trouble with the speed check of the Internet and you have performed the above-mentioned tips already, this should be the next thing on your list. Go to mobile “Settings” and then “Mobile Network Settings.” The name might vary from one device to another. The point is to make sure that your phone is connected to the right kind of network. That should fix the speed problem.

If All Else Fails, Try This….

Despite applying all the tips, if you are still experiencing Internet speed issue that means you need to shop for a better carrier. Perhaps the one that can offer more coverage than what you already have. You can check Spectrum Internet assist and see if switching makes sense. With a better Internet package, the speed will automatically increase.

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