FIFA 20 Game PC Guide

From FIFA International Soccer (1993) the game has gone through many changes since 1998. It changed the way people used to play football video games. After 2000, FIFA kept re-inventing itself and coming stronger each year.

After 2010-2012 the game evolved more than just a video game to more of the sports simulator. FIFA had worked hard on trying to make the game realistic and as unpredictable as possible.

With the ratings of 4/5 or 7.8/10 from major reviews, FIFA 20 was released on 27 September 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch by Electronic Arts as part of the FIFA series. It is currently the 27th installment in the FIFA series and had gained tremendous popularity.

Whether you are a new player or pro, you won’t have any issue learning your way through the world created by EA Sports.

We have put on a few tips and tricks to help you understand the basics of FIFA 20. With these tips and hard work, you will soon be playing against professionals players.

Getting Started

The first step of being a pro player is to choose a lone player who is a fast striker. Fast strikers as your lone player will promise better rewards. To get those wins fast you need to get coins at the start of FIFA and the best means of doing that is bringing a very strong or reliable player into the game.

You will also need a kit from those available to you. The kit will enhance your player’s new look and fresh appearance. You have to choose your jersey carefully as that perfect fit for you. Appearance is as important as the game.


There will be fans for your team, so you have to present them with a badge that displays the team spirit. The fans need to cheer up in every game.

Getting Ready for the Game Play

Before you actually start playing, you should earn rewards for the player or teams as it helps in the game later. Earn rewards by completing objectives and get your player or team a good inventory from the store with the rewards. You need to work hard to gain an ultimate tam. Do every task and never ignore any objectives as it is one of the important ways to achieve a good team.

Change your club name as it rewards you 150 coins for free. The best way to pre-up the game is to earn coins and rewards.

Some of the Key Features

  • Set Piece Refresh

You will have full control over the crucial situations that determines the possible outcomes. Irrespective of the game mode you have entered, set-piece let you refresh features and let you add more positions as a dip, curl, knuckle kick to the ball, etc.

  • One on One

This feature will allow you to experience the game as realistic as possible. You will have to fight for the awards. This feature will let you know the real deals.

  • One on One Battle

If the ultimate team is not your gameplay then you can choose to play one on one battle against other players. It will help you know the best player and earn more coins.

  • Strafe Dribbling

Before you jump on this “Do or Die” mode, make sure you are an average or above the player. This mode gives a tough fight and is one of the most difficult gameplay throughout the game.

While the game is proving it’s potential some of these AI features have taken over the game completely. Giving it new experiences and look.

Some of the features are mentioned below.

  • Natural Player Motion

Running at great speed is always crazy for your competitive self and this natural player motion promises an advanced speed. It allows you to experience realistic movements and all dramatic.

The position is important while starting a game as you will be playing in the same position throughout the game. So choose wisely.

  • AI-based Newly Developed Jockey System

If you are choosing the manual defend system, the improved jockey system is there to help you. The AI is very effective and is used to make the game more interesting.

  • Unpredictable Volley Shots

With FIFA 20 you are as immature as any new kid with Volley Shots. You will need to spend time learning the volley shots. Practise makes man perfect and it goes perfectly with this game. It is also difficult to stay on top of the competition, so choose better and play hard.

  • Tools for Handy

The foremost step in the FIFA 20 game is to achieve a one-on-one situation. The next and crucial step is to use the mentioned tools to utilize the player from both sides. Tools for handy is mentioned below –

– New Strafe Dribble

– Agile Jockey System

– Controlled Tackling

You are recommended to use the following tools and tips to achieve a good position and maintain your level on top. FIFA coins play an important role in the game.

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