What Is A Good Mobile Business To Start?

Are you searching to start a new business setup? Running out of ideas and business capital? If so, then it is often desirable to set-up a bike company. This is no new concept or an unproven idea. On the contrary, this is something that had prevailed in the U.S. market as early as 1800. The first asset which one needs to start a business is the place or property for operations, this in itself is the most expensive expenditure in a business. Also, it is accompanied by a lot of hassle and paperwork.

This first step in itself kindles off most of the enthusiasm and people retract their feet from entering into the world of business. Owning a mobile business, less fund consuming and is less prone to risk is something people seek. So, how should one start a mobile business from scratch without the need to have any business background or without putting your hard-earned cash at stake?

What are the resources required in a bike rental business?

Unlike any other startup, you wouldn’t need a huge inventory cost or a big team of employees. All you need is a rental bike to do all the work. The rental bike business model is so unclear that it could be run by as low as a single person, accompanied by one’s company domain mobile app. Thus keeping the inventory cost at minimum a rental bike is all you need to roll your business.

The esteemed customers could place their order through a dedicated mobile app in a jiffy and they will be greeted by freshly squeezed fruit juice or wheatgrass or other requests within the least time possible. Customers will also be able to avail weekly or monthly subscriptions to all sorts of refreshments either at their homes or their offices or even at a metro station, thus setting the new standards of prompt and sincere service. You can buy food bikes from Jxcycle:

Certain types of bike rental options

Early times gave huge glam light to the food trucks, which roared a good market existence. Presently, entrepreneurs are searching for some similar options to enjoy convenient service.

  • Coffee bikes: The convenient mechanism to cycle the coffee bike from one place to another captured wide attention from the business owners. As far as environmental consideration, it also contributes to the protection of the environment by a few gas emissions which invite toxic substances and so on. Most often, the workman hires rental coffee bikes and enjoys general as well as other deliveries. Also, the traffic jam issue gets diminished to some extent when traveling on a bike. When heading into a bike rental business, coffee bikes are in huge demand.
  • Cargo bikes: In comparison with other vehicles, people feel comfortable with loading heavyweight due to greater efficiency. Most of the business don’t straightaway start fetching profits. They sustain a loss over some time before they could turn profitable. This starting period is extremely critical as it marks the make or break point in any business. The low-cost business concept like cargo bikes is immune to such challenges.
  • Pedicabs: When talking about bicycles, two options that appear in the mind are tricycles or two-wheeler bikes. Though, there exist more pedal transportation mediums than that. The most popular one is pedicab, also referred to as cycle rickshaws. All the power is generated by human cycling efforts on the pedicabs which make it a convenient bike. It is like a traditional cab that is used to carry two passengers behind and the driver leaves them to their destination by pedaling the pedicabs.
  • Food bikes:  One of the challenges which people face in megacities and most developing cities is the need for organic food and most importantly fresh juice. People have money, but what they lack is time. These juices claim that their product is preservative-free, but the matter of fact is, though they don’t have any preservative content, they have a small ounce of antibiotics, which keeps them fresh for longer, needless to say, that they have other food color and flavoring agents. This is the niche where the demand of the demography lies and the scope for of food Bikes lies.
  • Vending bikes: With a Vending Bike, one could reach and serve customers of a wide spectrum of society due to the flexibility to move from the poshest lanes to the most congested streets and vendor different items according to the need and weather of the local area. For instance, in a megacity, the morning hours could be dedicated to serving regular pre-booked clients of their need for fruit juice, vegetable juice, wheatgrass cold press or other healthful offerings. The noontime could be used to supply offices with their coffee needs, and in the evenings the Vending Bike could be parked in tourist spots or outside the theater or on park gates or sea beaches to serve customers with cold refreshments. Thus, profitable through all hours of the day.
  • Ice cream bikes: Ice cream bikes could be made intelligent with the pre-installed 4G sim and an integrated ICD panel on the handlebar which not just makes reaching the clients’ location easier via maps but also helps to receive orders on the go. The bikes could be fitted with heating or cooling case to help keep ice creams at the perfect temperature. The display on the handlebar could also show traffic and the computer system.
  • Food carts: Food carts have emerged as a new transportation medium for food trucks. This mode of transportation stands cheaper and doesn’t affect the environment with any emissions. There was so much popularity for the food trucks that try for an innovation that didn’t stop until the food carts came into emergence.
  • Cargo tricycles: What’s cheaper than running a business over a human-powered vehicle like cargo tricycles! Initially, cargo tricycles lent the intention among people to help in the transportation of goods related to local businesses from one place to another.


Traffic is clinging the cities, people are busier than ever.  They don’t have time to prepare their food or eat fruits, and thus we see a wider shift in demography towards packing and tinned food, which costs their health and we see a wider population on prescribed drugs. This is where people seek authentic food and fresh juice and there is no better way than a rental bike.  One could deliver freshly squeezed juice as per the demand of their clients at their location to ensure freshness to the next level. Therefore the rental bikes are an absolute home run in the startup segment.

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