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What is L&I Workers’ Compensation?

Washington workers’ compensation is managed by the Labor and Industries agency (L&I). According to the L&I workers’ compensation, in Washington, if a person gets injured at the workplace, they should be compensated properly, regardless of whose mistake the injury was. Whether it is an injury or a disease due to the workplace, the victim is supposed to receive proper coverage for surgeries, rehabilitation services, treatment, prescription, medications, etc. The employer will have to pay them even if they miss their work for a few days. It is called time-loss compensation. If the employee or worker is unable to join back due to severe injury, they will get a pension award. 

These benefits look quite tempting, but it is frustrating and difficult to get them from the employer. Generally, the workers are denied these claims. Most of the cases are piled up in court and due to technicalities or incomplete paperwork, they get rejected. It is wise to seek help from an attorney who specializes in this field.

Washington L&I workers’ compensation cases require the help of a professional lawyer. The law has worked for 80 years and has provided many clients their benefits. They provide a free consultation with their courteous and friendly attitude.

What are the L&I Benefits? 

As a victim, you will get proper pay and compensation. If you’re unaware of your rights, then check the mentioned list below –

  • You will get all the medical benefits that will cover your medical bill, any kind of therapy, rehabilitation treatment, massage therapy, etc. You can also choose a physician that you trust.
  • L&I benefits also provide a full financial replacement when you are absent from work for a certain time. It is called Time Loss compensation, where 60%-70% of the total wages get paid to the victim.
  • Some workers are not able to get back to their previous position due to their injury. L&I benefits to provide them with vocational training so that they get back to work to earn a livelihood, if not in the previous position.
  • A worker in Washington will receive permanent partial disability benefits (PPD) if they have suffered permanent disability due to physical or mental injury or disease. However, the amount of the benefit gets decided after a doctor provides a complete report. If you feel you’re being paid a low amount, you can appeal against it.
  • Loss of Earning Power is also a benefit that is given to a worker who has lost the original wage after injury and is working either as a part-timer or at a lower position.
  • Lifetime pension is also given to employees if they are unable to come back to work permanently.
  • Widows as well as children below 18 years of age or any other dependant, of the worker who died at work accident, will receive pension benefits. However, there are certain limitations to those benefits. 

If you find that your rights are being violated, you can contact workers’ compensation attorneys at any point in time. They have experience and knowledge, which will help get a proper compensation amount.

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