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6 Ways SEO Helps Stabilize Your Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Normally, when the world is not plunged into an international health crisis, the competition in the digital arena is relatively manageable. However, when social and outdoor activities are limited, it leaves a negative impact on the sales and stability of every business—both big and small. Even SEO experts such as The Search Assembly would know that maintaining a stable flow of cash and continuously converting potential leads into customers has become five times the effort ever since the onslaught of COVID-19.

The question now is this: How do businesses stay relevant and continue to thrive amid such a global economic downfall?

Search engine optimization has been around to assist startups and established brands in attaining their core objectives. Whether the goal is to drive higher site traffic, increase clicks on the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Checkout’ button, or even balance the number of followers on their social media pages, SEO has just the right solution.

It has since become even more useful now that companies are trying to get back on track.

Here are five ways SEO aids businesses during the pandemic:

  • Brand visibility

Since most transactions are carried out digitally, companies must establish and maintain a solid presence online. From creating a user-friendly website to building an enticing Facebook page where target customers get to learn more about their services, SEO puts in the needed muscle work to make these brands more apparent in the digital community.

  • Monitor conversions and engagement

Unlike instances where people are free to visit stores or shops physically, a pandemic-stricken business day would mean less patrons and influx of money for the business. Search engine optimization enables startups and business owners to track how their website and services fare in terms of attracting new customers and keeping existing clients interested in availing their products.

  • Gain leverage

Startups are, at the most disadvantage right now. Not only are they pressured to be on par with their more established counterparts, but they are also left to start literally from scratch. Imagine the struggle of implementing a strategy for customer acquisition when people are busy worrying about their survival, debating over the effectiveness of face masks, or dealing with the increased psychological effect of the ongoing health emergency. If a dependable strategy backs a business for optimizing their website to target customers, it enables them to reach a suitable demographic for their services.  It diminishes the apprehension of how to reach customers in a non-intrusive yet enticing manner.

  • Promotes longevity post-pandemic

SEO is not some fad or trend that fades over time. It is a tangible plan that adapts to the changing market and customer demands. That said, it will continue to exist and influence the trajectory of most businesses even after the world overcomes COVID-19. Say, for instance, a new business can attract customers and followers either on their website or social media page. The continued connectivity to their customers, along with the careful buildup of the brand’s visibility on major search engines will help imprint the business to more potential clients in the future.

  • Enhanced customer service

Customers find a credible online presence to be a tell-tale sign of a business that can deliver reliable assistance. Why? The answer lies in visibility. Visibility matters in a world where people spend more time on their screens daily. From reading about the latest news to checking out recommended products and websites from influencers and friends, people now turn to the internet to get information on almost anything. That said, if good SEO practice helps businesses appear more frequently on customer’s search engines, this means higher chances of business-to-customer interaction and an opportunity to establish a dependable stance and genuine service to both new clients and long-time customers. In the long run, people will also get to know the brand on a more personal level and render higher approval rates for the services offered.

  • Customer trust

According to experts at The Search Assembly, accessibility and real-time availability are two of the most crucial factors that determine client trust nowadays. As was mentioned, most transactions and promotional tactics at present are carried out through the internet. People express their experiences and opinions about a brand on their social media accounts or write reviews on a business’ website. Zero visibility online not only raises doubts on the part of the customers. It also affects the efficiency of the business’ operations.

Indeed, without the power of SEO, more businesses would have made their final curtain call by now. How has search engine optimization helped build and sustain your business?

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