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Mobile Apps Can Transform your Weightless Journey

Weight loss journeys are often tiring and frustrating. People need support and someone who can track their progress and keep them motivated. Mobile apps for losing weight can make these tedious journeys better and achievable.

A mobile app for losing weight is typically programmed to help users follow a diet plan or track their progress regarding calorie intake and activity levels. It can be easy and quick to lose weight. Some weight loss apps also offer more features that aid in achieving the weight loss plan. Additional features like the ability to sync with other health and fitness apps in your phone, barcode scanners, and more are aimed to keep users motivated and driven in achieving their weight loss goals.

Moreover, increased awareness about one’s health and food intake, self-monitoring, and weight loss tracking can help lose weight on a fast track. Some apps also support different kinds of weight-loss strategies including, portion control diet, Keto diet, Paleo diet, Vegan diet, and more.

However, you can find hundreds of weight loss apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, and this could make it difficult for people to choose one. Here is a list of a few tried and tested, and users’ favorite weight-loss mobile apps that can help you lose up to the desired weight.


A popular weight loss app is MyFitnessPal. It is a calorie counter app that supports users to keep their calorie intake on point and lose weight fast. This app calculates the daily calorie intake of users by enabling them to log every food they eat in a day. The app has a vast database of different types of foods and the number of calories in them.

MyFitnessPal app also contains data of packed foods and food from popular restaurants. This way, people can track each and everything they eat while following a weight loss plan.

After logging the food information into the app, it breakdowns your calorie intake into essential elements and nutrients. Users can also have a few reports regarding their weight loss journey like they can get a pie chart dividing your food into carbs, protein, and fat.

Moreover, users can scan packed items using the barcode scanner available in the app. the app also enables users to track their weight and find healthy recipes in the recipe segment. More so, you can also connect with other members and socialize with fellow users while following a weight loss plan. This helps users to be motivated by sharing success stories with other users.


Talking about some of the major pros of this app, what comes first is that the app is free to download. Some premium features require in-app purchases. Moreover, MyFitnessPal can be sync with other health and fitness app like steps counter and Fitbit. The basic idea of syncing weight loss app with workout apps and step counter apps is that it then adjust your calorie goal in accordance with the number of calories you’ve burned during the workout.


The app is mostly recommended by its users; however, if we talk about the cons of this app, we can count the strategy of entering calorie information. Any user can log te calorie details of food, and thus it may be inaccurate sometimes. Also, the serving sizes Adjustments in the app can be a time-consuming task for some users.

Lose It!

Lose It! is another amazing weight loss app that is focused on weight loss tracking and calorie counting. Users are required to log in to all the necessary details, including weight, height, age, and other health goals. The app then analyzes the information and create a personalized weight loss plan based on the provided information.

After generating the plan, users can log the details of their food intake in the app.

The app allows users to benefit from a comprehensive database of around 33 million foods, restaurant items, and other packed foods. They can learn about the number of calories present in the food they take. Additionally, the app also enables them to scan the barcode on some packed foods to avoid entering calorie details manually. Moreover, the app monitors your fitness progress and shows a graph of your weight changes.

A unique feature of this calorie counting app is that users can take a snap of their food, and the app can track food intake and portion sizes by reading through pictures of your meals. The Snap It feature makes this app different from others. Users can also participate in challenges in the app community and ask questions to help others in the forum.


The app is available free. However, some features require in-app purchases. The app can be sync with other fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health.


The app is mostly al-good. However, if we talk about some cons, we may count that the app doesn’t offer to track of the vitamins and minerals consumptions. Also, there are some popular brands missing from the app food database.


Fooducate is an app that helps users make healthy choices while grocery shopping. Using an app like this can help users better search and find the different variety of products available at the grocery store. Fooducate is basically a “nutrition scanner” that enables users to scan food’s barcode and receive information, including nutrition facts and ingredients in the diet. The app allows us to scan over 250,000 product barcodes and get a firm knowledge about the products they purchase.

Fooducate app helps users to learn about certain characteristics of foods, and it also suggests a list of healthier alternatives to purchase. For instance, the app offers you better options if you scan a specific type of product that contains a lot of carbs or sugar. You can choose from some healthier products to try instead.


Fooducate is available free to download. The app’s grading system helps users to make food choices based on their dietary goals. This app enables users to keep track of their workout routines and calorie intake.


The app is available free to download, but access to certain features requires a paid upgrade. Dor instance, users can acquire support for keto, paleo, and low carb diets, and allergen tracking by upgrading to the premium version.


SparkPeople is a weight loss app that allows users to log their daily meals, weight, and exercise with the app’s tracking tools. The app has an extensive nutrition database ranging around 2 million foods. The app also includes a barcode scanner so that users can easily keep track of packaged foods in their meals.

After a user signs up for SparkPeople, they gain access to a workout demo. This demo includes photos and descriptions of some common workout moves so that users stay aware of correct techniques during exercise. This app also contains a points system. As you log your workout and meal details and achieve your goals, you will receive points that can lift your motivation.


SparkPeople app is available free to download. A notable feature of this weight loss app is that it offers access to a lot of health tips and exercise videos. This app offers an interactive online community, and users can also get access to SparkPeople’s health and fitness blogs.


The information available on the SparkPeople app is abundant, but for some people, it can be difficult to sort through.


MyNetDiary is an easy to use calorie counter app. It offers some other features as well to help people lose weight. The app contains a personalized Daily Calorie Budget. It helps users track their calorie intake and monitor their weight loss journey.

This app has a large database of over 845,000 verified foods, and around 1 million foods data for user-added products. The app also keeps users engaged by providing progress reports, charts, and statistics to allow users to analyze their meals, calories, and nutrients. Users can also use a barcode scanner to log packaged foods as soon as they eat them.


The app is available free. This weight loss app can be synced with other health apps, including Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Watch. Another notable feature of this weight loss app is that it contains a built-in GPS tracker for tracking walking and jogging steps.


The app requires a subscription to get access to all the features.


Weight loss apps are usually easy to use and developed by the collaboration of health and fitness experts and Software development companies. There are many useful weight loss apps available in the market today that you can use to achieve your weight loss goals. Many of those apps use tracking tools to monitor your calorie intake, exercise habits, and activity level. Some of these apps offer guidance for making healthy choices eating, and cooking meals.

Furthermore, many weight loss apps focus on increasing users’ motivation, through community support, starts and badge systems, and pie charts and graphs that offer the progress tracking you achieve over time. Users can download one of these mobile apps in their smartphones and follow them to achieve their goals.

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