Custom ERP Software Development: Pros and Cons

In this fast-paced, modern era, most businesses are moving towards custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development services. Traditional ways of running an organization and conventional means such as manual tasking are a thing of the past. Today, businesses need to meet the fast pace of this tech-advanced, digital world, and here, custom ERP software development from FortySeven47 comes into play!

What is Custom ERP Software Development?

ERP software solutions are highly productive and efficient. They can be developed to meet a certain demand for business or mechanize a bundle of processes or activities. Thus, the end product largely depends on the needs of the organization. Hence, the title ‘custom’ ERP software development.

Pros of Custom ERP Software Development

Custom ERP software development offers a wide range of benefits. Let’s look into them:

Cater Specific Needs

Custom ERP software development is not only a prototype framework. As you start with the most fundamental and basic design and functionalities of your business, you can add various other features that meet your organization’s specific demands. As it is scalable, it offers enough room to add newer features over time.

Easy to Understand

As custom ERP software is specifically designed for your business, it incorporates your business processes and practices. This makes it easier to understand for employees and staff, given that they are already familiar with organizational processes and language.

It adds to efficiency and productivity. The introduction of a ERP software does not disturb an organization’s environment but moves it towards progress.


The best thing about custom ERP software is that they are adaptable. This makes sure that you need not spend many costs on another software after a few years. The very same ERP software can incorporate future technological features or changing trends in the business industry.

Cons of Custom Software Development

Well, there are a few risks of custom software development such as:

Requires Experienced Developer

A custom ERP software has to meet the prerequisites, be able to meet future technological trends, and offer exceptional performance; it takes an experienced developer to design and build a custom ERP.

It translates into high costs and resources required to develop a custom ERP. It is difficult for businesses to pay a high upfront fee and designate a lot of time and funds for custom ERP software development.

Complex Maintenance

Given its unique features and specs, ERP software has high and complex maintenance needs. It takes an expert to understand the framework and keep the software topnotch in all the working conditions. That’s only how a custom ERP can deliver the right functionalities.

Final Thoughts

Custom ERP software development is a great idea for mid-sized businesses and large-scale enterprises as they can afford development and maintenance while benefiting from its features. On the other hand, a small business does not have enough time and funds to spend on a custom ERP software. Thus, ERP software development is not a thing of small businesses until now.

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