How Can You Motivate Your Employees with Inspirational Quotes

“Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.” – Joseph Barbara.

You may have a fire burning inside you about your work and company because you indeed love what you do. It motivates you to do better and improve yourself. But does your workforce feel the same way? 

“An employee’s motivation is a result of the sum of interactions with their manager.”– Bob Nelson.

So, what can you do? As a manager or a leader, you have to make them realize that this dream of yours is not only yours but theirs too. You have to give meaning to their hard work and a goal in their mind. You will need to motivate them and make them feel the way you feel about your company. But motivation is much more than inspiring people to work. You can motivate employees quotes while addressing them. It’s also about how you can bring a change in their lives, their attitude and encourage creativity. 

What Truly is Employee Motivation?

Quoting words of wisdom from great leaders and influencers has the potential to reach their hearts and can have long-lasting psychological effects. Positive quotes can provoke positive emotions, and this power of positivity will improve work productivity. 

A 2015 study by Professor Andrew J. Oswald from the University of Warwick revealed that happiness at the workplace could increase productivity by at least 12%. Therefore, employee motivation is an integral component of a healthy, happy, and productive work environment. There are several things you can do to motivate your employees. Some of the ways by which you can do it are mentioned below. 

Give Them A Goal Or Purpose 

“Without dreams and goals, there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here”- Mark Twain.

You should give your employees a purpose or vision that they can look up to. You can set up different goals at both the individual and corporate levels. You need to set realistic goals for your employees, which are achievable and drive them to work better without even asking. Make them understand your vision so that they know their role and how they can fit into the big picture. 

Offer Incentives And Rewards 

“An incentive is a bullet, a key: an often tiny object with astonishing power to change a situation”- Steven Levitt.

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? Giving incentives and feedback-based rewards is a great way to encourage your employees to give their best. You can start an incentive program which could be quarterly or half-yearly. It would be a great way of appreciating the hard work that your employees are putting in. It brings a sense of competition and a spark in their attitude towards work. 

Be An Example 

“The real power of a leader is in the number of minds they can reach, hearts they can touch, souls they can move, and lives they can change.” Matshona Dhliwayo.

Your employees will look up to you as a model. The way you treat your employees, talk to them, your ideals and values, and everything impacts the way your employees perceive you. So, it would help if you were very cautious about how you present yourself in front of them. Your positive presence will positively impact their minds, and they will feel more connected and motivated. 

Encourage Creativity

“Go and make interesting mistakes, amazing mistakes, glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break the rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.”- Neil Gaiman.

As a manager, you should be able to bring out the best in your employees. And, it does not have to be related to work only. You have to see your workers’ hidden talent by giving them certain tasks they might like to do, such as planning the next company retreat or meetings. Show them the way how they can make a difference.

Be Transparent

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”- Dalai Lama 

Create a policy of openness to ideas and try to remove any hierarchy. Try to be as transparent about how you want things to be done. There should be a smooth flow of information where every employee knows what they are supposed to do. 

All these tips will surely help you motivate employees. Bear in mind; you have to be creative and thoughtful while motivating your employees. Doing similar things might reduce their interest. You will need to adjust and change your ways depending upon the needs of your workplace. 

A perfect strategy to motivate employees through quotes will help bring positive changes in the work environment. Your employees will love to come to their work and give everything they can for the company’s benefit. 

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