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PPC Advertising: Not Black Art. But Black Science

Can a PPC Management Agency pull all online traffic towards your brand? No, but can it help you create the right magnetism for a user who is in a ready state of mind? For sure!

From pigeons to Viking Horn Bugles to Circus carnivals, marketers have come a long way (almost literally) to get to the ears and heads of the audience they intend to communicate with.

If only PPC had arrived earlier! PPC or Pay Per Click advertising has emerged as that smart form of paid digital marketing where advertisers can pay a fee each time their ad is clicked, thus, ensuring that, at least, ‘something’ transpired with the eyeballs and fingers sitting on the other side of the screen.

From vanilla search pages on Google, PPC has evolved sophisticatedly to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be it the power of algorithms that fuel Google Adwords or the brilliance of a creative PPC services company, marketers can now easily sniff out the right user, and without spending a fortune.

Aperture Concept – Cracked, finally

If it were adequate to reach just as many users as possible, the world of marketing would never have been so complex and challenging. What ultimately matters is talking to a user when s/he is exactly in the right frame of mind. When the propensity to pick a product or service is at its highest level given the context and stage of a purchase-behavior-lifecycle – that’s when the hammer has to be swung. PPC has been able to demystify that esoteric task by capturing the audience just as they are thinking of or about to grab a new product, service or experience.

Being on the top and right-hand side of a search engine or serving your ads on relevant websites to your customers and prospects is something that a PPC management agency makes it possible for you.

Data from Clutch indicates 77 percent of people are recognizing paid search easily compared to what organic search results look like. Search engines are being used to find answers to questions and often paid search ads, which respond to their search queries, are clicked by users. It turns out that 33 percent of people click a search ad as it directly answers their search query, compared to 26 percent who click a search ad because it mentions a familiar brand. There was also 20 percent in the category where it is listed above other search results. About 38 percent of baby boomers (ages 55+) click a paid search ad given its likelihood of mentioning a recognizable brand. Also, millennials (ages 18-35) and Gen Xers (ages 35-54) are clicking on paid search ads that answer their search queries directly.

But how is this state of preference and favorable finger-work accomplished?

Bullet-sharp, Bullet-fast: Signs of a good PPC Management Agency

It all boils down to having the right partner beside your brand. Expertise, augmented with experience, technology-competence and the ability to see and carve a big picture is vital for any brand’s choice of the right PPC services company.

This is how an ideal PPC Management agency will shorten the distance between your brand and a consumer’s mind:

  1. Focuses on RoI
  2. Gets a real-time grip on people who are actively searching for words that are relevant for your brand and its intended users
  3. Enables including longtail keywords and accentuates overall digital campaigns with the right traffic
  4. Equips ads with communication elements that are focused on specific customer actions which are pre-determined to bring success to the campaign
  5. Straddles across a variety of touch-points: mobile, desktop, wearables, smart-phones
  6. Arms your marketing team with the right insight on where, why, why not and how a particular ad is working
  7. Allows your team to adapt a campaign or strategy in response to feedback derived from PPC data
  8. Also, savvy PPC experts also strengthen search work with meta tag optimization, organic engagement and content creation that aligns to the topics and sites people are on

PPC Works when the right PPC Partner is around 

No marketer in the current consumer milieu can afford not to try the wonders that PPC elements bring to a brand’s overall strategy. There are advantages of quick entry in a competitive forest, measurability, alignment and compatibility with other marketing channels, a repository of feedback and useful data, the ability to fortify the middle of the marketing funnel, expanded-and-deep brand exposure as well as a slew of conversion goals like impressions, clicks and other business parameters. PPC also makes attribution of the budget to direct results easy and simple.

Getting these benefits is possible and profitable when a smart and hands-on expert is part of your brand’s digital team. Take time to find out the perfect PPC agency.

Let go of pigeons. It’s time for hawks.

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