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Reasons Why You Need to Learn SEO

If you’re a business owner that is looking to establish an online presence, you might have heard of SEO by now. Search Engine Optimization is one of the key pillars of having a successful online presence. Fortune 500 companies are investing millions of dollars in SEO. This doesn’t mean that you can’t compete as a small business. On the contrary, the internet provides a level playing field. You just have to focus on your niche market as the pie is big for everyone to eat. There are a couple of reasons why you should be learning SEO and we’re going to highlight some of them here.

You Get to Know How Search Engine Works

There are a couple of ranking factors that determine the websites that will be shown on the first page of Google. It is only through learning SEO that you get to understand how search engines work. The purpose of doing SEO is to bring traffic to your blog. You can’t do that when you have no idea about the ranking factors. According to Google, there are more than 2,000 ranking factors. If you’re a programmer, you can run experiments to determine which factors hold the most weight. You might require a scraping tool like that offered by Zenscrape to run multiple queries.

Long-term Investment

Although SEO will not show immediate results, you’ll be glad you started early when you start seeing results. For you to achieve the desired results, there must be adequate planning which will take into account all the considerations necessary for a website that is optimized for search. Ideally, you should expect to see meaningful results in six months to a year. You might be spending on Pay-per-click advertising but you can reduce the budget once you’ve started ranking on Google and other search engines. It should also be noted that SEO is an ongoing process and the work doesn’t stop even after ranking.

Great Career Choice

Almost everyone is using the internet. More businesses are getting online and this will only mean there will be a demand for SEO experts. You can decide to pursue SEO as a career and there is a guarantee that there will always be work. According to statistics, the SEO industry was worth 65 billion dollars in 2016 and the number is expected to have grown since then. It is a fast-growing industry as the internet is becoming available to everyone. Most people will start by looking for services in their locality on search engines.

Is an Integral Part of Digital Marketing

SEO is at the core of digital marketing. There is no digital marketing strategy that will be complete without mentioning SEO. You’re not a complete digital marketer if you don’t understand SEO. SEO can be used together with other digital marketing efforts to create awareness and also get leads for a business.

Free Traffic

According to Google, organic traffic is the best when it comes to conversion. Internet users have become immune to ads and your PPC campaigns might not be effective in the long run. With SEO, you get free and converted traffic. You don’t have to spend anymore once you’ve ranked for the terms that you were targeting. According to stats, organic traffic contributes to 87% of all traffic sources. You could be missing out on a lot if you don’t have SEO in your marketing strategy.

You Learn Optimization

A website has to be optimized properly if it is to rank on search engines. You have to look at things like speed, being mobile-friendly, and an easy to use interface. There should be no keyword stuffing which is a serious offense in the eyes of Google. User-experience is the most important thing when you’re trying to optimize your website. You should also make it easy for Google bots to crawl it.

You Get to Make Money

This is one of the biggest motivations to learn SEO. Anyone who genuinely knows SEO knows there is serious money to be made if you can rank a website on page 1 of Google. There are sites dedicated to affiliate marketing and are making a killing because of being on the first pages on Google. You can replicate the same results for your business. The beauty of SEO is you’re getting free leads. What might have cost you $40 a lead will be free if you can manage to rank your website.

To sum it up, learning SEO will be beneficial to your business in the long run. You will know what to expect even if you’re working with an agency.

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