5 Amazing Decor Ideas for a Small Space

It is an absolute sin to be disappointed if you have a small space and cry over it or struggle to find a larger one. The truth is you can totally transform a small space and make it into your cozy haven with just the right planning and some creative thinking. The two things to keep in mind when you are dealing with a tiny space are – first, make smart use of the space that is already available to you and second, tries to figure out ways that will make your space look more spacious to the eyes. So, we have come up with a few décor ideas that will help you do just that.

1. Say no to the coffee table

Smart furniture is one of the most important elements to dress up a small space if the most important. Do not make the mistake of investing in a huge, heavy wooden or glass coffee table which will not only eat up a lot of your space but also be a literal pain in your back to move it around. Instead, buy a couple of cute puffs in bright colours. Put a pretty tray on top of it and your unconventional yet functional coffee table is made. You can also use it as a sitting arrangement when you have a few guests come over.

2. Get a good rug

Rugs will instantly add a sense of coziness and add some fun colour and pattern to your space. They do the job of a carpet with the bulk and heart-wrenching laundry bills that come with maintaining carpets. While choosing the rug make sure it is big enough to cover the entire floor area as it makes the floor look larger. You can make use of two same rugs if one does not cover enough area.

3. Use art to your advantage

Do not shy away from making a bold statement and invest in a number of good paintings. Pick a wall and use the paintings as bold wall decor. Arrange them in an interesting pattern and your room will look as grand as a gallery without any wastage of space.

4. Lamp shades are passé

While lampshades are a great addition beside your bed, they do consume a lot of space which is an absolute no-no when you are decorating a small space. So if you want to jazz up your room with lights then hanging red dichroic glass lanterns are a good way to start. You can either put scented candles within them or create a fairy tale effect by putting fairy lights inside them which run on battery.

5. Add some fresh greenery

Small spaces may often feel congested and stuffy. Adding plants is a great way to not only bring in nature to elevate the looks of your room but also purify the air within your room. Go for some low maintenance air purifying plants and put them in pretty hanging planters.

You can find all of the things you need online so all you have to do is let your creative juices flow and give your small space a gorgeous make-over.

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