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Strategies to Minimize Your Hiring Time

Every company wants the best candidates for their business. Maybe that’s why you only have 10 days before the best candidate gets hired by someone else. Top-shot companies understand the importance of hiring exceptional talent. That is why HR departments are always in a hurry. Many companies pour a lot of investment into accentuating the candidate experience, yet they end up lagging behind. If you, too, are experiencing similar concerns, don’t worry.

We have some awesome talent acquisition strategies just for you. Which can help you hire the best talent in no time?

Use Social Media

Use social media as your primary channel to find the right candidates. 92% of employers are already doing that. And employees hired via LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first six months, according to LinkedIn data. Moreover, it is super easy and time-saving. One of your posts can reach millions, and you can eventually double the chances of hiring the right candidate.

The same LinkedIn data shows that employee referral programs help you expand your network of candidates by 10x. Surprisingly, this is the most popular way people discover new openings. You may have personally experienced this one. Many of us see a new opening every time we log in to our LinkedIn profiles. Plus, LinkedIn also has a robust email campaign to help your referral programs reach more people.

Engage to Candidates

Engage your candidates like never before. Use platforms like Candidate Rewards to decrease hiring time while increasing your offer acceptance rate. It can help you get real-time insights on what candidates value, which saves a lot of time.

Many companies have turned to AI for their talent search needs. The number went up to 38% this year. And these companies have a good reason for choosing AI, as it helps organize your hiring process flawlessly and effortlessly.

Do you need to identify the top resumes on the market in no time? That’s where AI enters the picture. If you use AI, it’s bound to lessen the need for human involvement and therefore reduce human bias.

Use AI

Let chatbots engage your candidates on your behalf. Smart hiring is all about reaching the right candidates at the right time and place, and Candidate Rewards helps you hire smartly.

What are your plans for your next recruitment drive? Use the following infographic to plan your next strategy.

Minimize Your Time to Hire with These Awesome Strategies

Image courtesy: CandidateRewards

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