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The Stress-free Moving Checklist To Get You On Your Way

If you didn’t already know, one of the most challenging parts of the moving process is packing and planning for everything. Before you can pack, you’ll need to approach the process smartly until you’re finished with everything. Relying on a packing checklist has always been a proven method to make the process less stressful and manageable. So please read on as we get into our moving checklist.

Two Month Before Your Moving Date

At least two months before is always a great time to start packing. The following will aid in this:

Sort and remove – This entails going through all the rooms in your home and deciding what is staying and what needs to be gotten rid of. However, you’ll also need to think about if there’s anything that you need special insurance for.

Research – Before you can get a move on things, you’ll need to research the best moving companies to know which company is worth hiring. If they try to provide you with a quote on the phone, you might want to politely exit that conversation because you’ll need a reliable on-site estimate. On-site estimates usually take you straight to the point and never surprise you later on.

Make A Moving BinderOrganization is key, and you’ll want to ensure that you can keep track of everything. The binder will be responsible for keeping an inventory of your items as well as receipts and estimates for the process.

Organize school records – If you’ve got children, you’ll need to pay a visit to their schools and make arrangements for their records to be transferred in advance to the new school.

Six Weeks Before

When you’re just at six week’s there’s a couple of essential things that you’ll need to take care of:

Order supplies – For the process, you’ll need to get enough boxes, bubble wrap, markers, and tape. However, you’ll also need a couple of specialty containers.

Either lose it or use it – This applies to the things you don’t want to drag behind you. Some of these include perishables, cleaning supplies, and even frozen food.

Take measurements – You’ll need to ensure that you know the dimensions of your new space so you can determine how to get your furniture through the door.

One Month Before

Since you’re a bit closer to moving day, you’ll want to choose the mover out of all the best moving companies that you desire and confirm all the arrangements. After you’ve done this, you need to get on with packing.

Begin packing – You’ll need to start with the things that you use the least. Since some of your items might be of value, you’ll possibly need to pay movers insurance. So don’t forget to state the value in writing for these items.

Label – Clearly number and label your boxes with the contents that it contains. This ensures that you have a better knowledge of where things are.

Separate valuables – Items such as important documents and jewellery should be boxed and personally transported.

Change of address – Head out and fill out the change of address form at the post office. However, you’ll still need to keep an eye out for mail that may still be delivered to your old place.

Notify important parties of your move – You’ll need to ensure that you alert your brokerage firms, your bank, the HR department at work, the utility company, insurance, and even magazines and local newspaper subscriptions.

Medical records – If you’re moving outside the district, you’ll need to forward the medical rewards to new providers.

Two Weeks Before

Arrange to be off on moving day – You’ll need to notify the office that you’re moving and need the time off.

Tune-up – You’ll need to take old faithful for a tune-up so that she can make it safely to your new place. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations if you’re moving to a new climate altogether.

Safe-deposit box – Since you’re going to be changing a lot of things, you’ll need to clear that box out. This ensures that you have everything for moving day.

Contact the moving company – This is done to reconfirm the arrangements for moving day.

One Week Before

Refill prescriptions – It’s better to stock up on meds that you may need during the upcoming weeks.

Pack your suitcase – Movers are always encouraged to finish packing a couple of days before their actual moving day.

A Few Days Before

Defrost the freezer – If you’re taking the refrigerator along, you’ll need to defrost and clean as little as one day before.

Double check with the movers – You should reconfirm the arrival time and leave directions to your new place for the movers.

Plan for payment – If you’re not paying the movers with your credit card, you’ll need a cashier’s check, money order, or cash. Don’t forget to put something aside for a tip.

Moving Day

Finally, the big day is here and it’s time to get on with moving to your new place. However, there is still a thing or two that you’ll need to do:

Verify – When the movers arrive at your home, don’t forget to check that they are the ones you hired. The USDOT painted should match the one that the company gave you. When it comes to moving, there are always a few scammers out there.

Take inventory – Before the movers leave the location, don’t forget to sign the bill and keep a copy.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the ultimate moving checklist for your big move. Moving is quite stressful and can be done with a checklist. While you’re anticipating your moving day, don’t forget to call the movers and reconfirm your date.

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