Tips to Pick the Best Travel Insurance Policy for Within India Trips

The domestic travel policy is increasingly getting awareness and acceptance in India as it has extended the great help to handle an emergency while traveling in the unknown city. There are many instances that the domestic travel insurance policy has helped people by providing mechanic or arranging crane to tow the damaged vehicle from the roadside. In fatal accidents, the insurance companies have acted on the topmost priority to save lives. Having realized the importance of domestic travel insurance, the concern for the traveler is to select the correct policy according to the need of the individual. You can consider the following criteria to pick the right policy to suit your need.

Where Are You Going?

The destination of your travel plan is an important factor in deciding the correct travel policy. Are you traveling in the mid of the city or are you on hiking camp? The site away from the city throws more challenges to handle the emergency. For activities like hiking, the probability of injury and respiratory-related issues are more. You must consider the proper rider to avail complete cover under the domestic travel insurance policy for special purpose trip.

Moreover, the distance between your hometown and your travel destination is also equally important. How soon your friends and relatives can reach you to the destination in an emergency? In four hours, twelve hours or one day? Are your hometown and destination directly connected to flight or rail? Or it requires multiple modes of transport? More changeovers and multiple destinations increase the travel-related risks.

How Many Days?

Are you on two days’ picnic or ten days’ holiday camp? Trips of longer duration involve more traveling, exertion, uneven food and irregular sleep. The health is prone to deteriorate after 3-4 days of the outstation trip. If you are on a business trip, it is generally hectic one. Any accident or health-related issue can disturb your pre-decided schedule. Longer the duration of your trip, higher the risk. Hence, you must invariably consider taking insurance in case of the long duration travel plan.

What is Your Age?

It is natural that senior citizens are prone to get sick in case of a change in weather, food and other routine habits. They also have more difficulty to handle the emergency due to inherent limitation due to age. It is strongly recommended to take the domestic travel insurance if senior citizens and children are part of the traveling team. It doesn’t mean that young persons do not need domestic travel insurance. The emergency should not be underestimated by anyone.

How Will Be Your Travel?

Are you going to a hill station retreat for 15 days? Are you on the business trip of 10 days to meet ten clients in four cities? Are you on the hiking camp? Are you traveling independently or in an organized group tour? Are you a solo traveler or group of friends? Does your travel group include senior citizens and children? Does your travel include multiple-night journeys? The answers to the above questions will give you a hint to take proper travel insurance. You must ask for add-on cover if the standard travel policy does not cover your special need.

What is Single Trip and Multi Trip Travel Policy?

In most of the cases, people travel to the destination once in a while. Most of the holiday tours come under this category. However, many people have to travel frequently due to business requirements. For frequent travelers, it is very inconvenient to take individual travel policy. For their benefit, the insurance companies offer domestic travel policy for multiple trips. Apart from convenience, it is also cheaper to take one multi-trip travel policy as compared to several single trip policies. However, for holiday travelers or other one time visitors, single trip travel policy is more suitable.

You can consider giving more weight to the fulfillment of travel needs over insurance premiums. Many insurance companies like Bajaj Finserv offer a tailor-made policy to suit your travel requirement. After all, your purpose to avail domestic travel insurance is to minimize the inconvenience in case of emergency. Saving a few hundred rupees is not useful if the travel insurance does not cover the risk properly.

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