Famous Necklaces Worthy of Their Roles

Costumes and jewelry have always played an important role by adding elements of drama, history, and beauty on the screen. We decided to take a closer look at the famous necklaces that have impressed us both in fantasy and in reality. Before submitting articles to GIA for a professional qualification, our team of experts evaluates jewelry pieces every day for the benefit of our buyers and sellers. While most of these pieces are fictitious, see how our jewelry experts could estimate their value.

The Heart of the Ocean – Titanic:

We started our team with one of the most popular necklaces in the history of cinema. The Heart of the Ocean of the Titanic presents a great and beautiful blue diamond, surrounded by small and white, in a necklace with diamonds.

The heart necklace of the ocean used in the movie Titanic has a very interesting and complex story that includes a fictional story presented in the film and the real story of the inspiration of the necklace, the diamond of hope. In the film, the Heart of the Ocean was a rare blue diamond that was once used in the crown of Louis XVI. The diamond disappears after the execution of Louis XVI. It is later recovered and cut into a heart shape and is known as the Heart of the Ocean. This story is actually quite similar to that of the actual Hope diamond, a 45.5 CT blue diamond, with the difference that it was a part of the royal necklace of Louis XIV instead of a crown. While the Heart of the Ocean is a completely fictional piece, both the necklace and the film were inspired by a tragic romance on the ship involving a precious sapphire necklace.

Melisandre’s Ruby Necklace-Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones, a very popular series of books and an even more successful television show, is full of fantasy and drama. In addition to fantastic traits and complex characters, there are elaborate costumes, hair, and makeup. The red and ruby gold necklace was worn by the red woman/priestess, Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) is particularly interesting, with great historical and religious significance. As you can imagine, we were very curious about how much a necklace like this could cost.

Boleyn ‘B’ – The Other Boleyn Girl:

It would not be the first time. Personalized jewelry dates back to the 1520 s, in the time of Henry VIII, and was incredibly popular. One of the most outstanding pieces is the gold and pearl necklace “B” used by Anne Boleyn. It is speculated that the famous portrait with the “B” necklace was not Boleyn’s, which was another Tudor with the surname, Brandon. Despite this theory, the necklace appears in the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl. This necklace, among others, including an “AB” necklace and an “H” chain necklace worn by Henry VIII, was finally passed to his daughter Elizabeth and is seen in several of his portraits.

Ruby and Diamond Necklace – Pretty Woman:

In one of the most famous film scenes in American cinema, Vivian (Julia Roberts) is presented with an impressive necklace of rubies and diamonds, so beautiful that at first, she is eager to touch it. This, of course, is immediately followed by that unforgettable laugh, since the box is snapped shut. This laugh is so genuine and so adorable because it was actually a joke for Julia Roberts. The director, whose idea was, said that “When she laughs, the whole world lights up.” The movie could not do without that.

Satine – The Moulin Rouge:

The elaborate diamond necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in the movie Moulin Rouge is nothing more than a trickle of diamonds. The “Satine” necklace is the most expensive piece of jewelry made for a movie. This necklace, although made for a film set in a specific period of time, is not fictional in the least. It is quite real with 1,308 diamonds with a total weight of 134 carats. Even the production of the collar was carried out with 100-year manufacturing techniques and took months to complete.

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