Total Pillow Review 2020

What’s Total Pillow?

Looking for a pillow to hug when sleeping at night? Perhaps a pillow that can comfortably support your neck when traveling long hours? The problem with traditional pillows is that they are either too soft or too firm. A pillow should be just in between.

An overly soft pillow collapses when you support your neck or head while a firm one doesn’t provide the same amount of comfort you want for a peaceful and dreamy sleep. The Total Pillow might be the right choice for you. And with its versatility, it may even be the only choice consumers need.

Total Pillow is a kind of a hybrid pillow and transformer. It is intended to be able to flex and twist in different forms and positions, depending on what the user wants. This definitely comes useful for long train or plane trips. At the same time, it’s a perfect sofa or bed pillow. In simpler terms, the product is able to adapt to changing environments hence it should appeal to road warriors.

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The manufacturer of this specialized pillow, as seen on television, has made some pretty big claims regarding support and comfort. Should you believe it? Consumers cannot be entirely sure of a product until they are peeled layer by layer. This review aims to do just that.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, consumers will be enlightened as to whether or not they should buy the product.

Here’s What Total Pillow’ll Do For You

The Total Pillow is an all-around pillow perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It can support key areas of your body including the neck, spine, head, bottom, and ankles. The appearance of the pillow is somewhat unusual.

It’s shaped like a flower with 12 petals or segments but without the nectar core. The materials used are high end and seem to be similar to the materials used on car seats and other sofa cushions.

The product weighs approximately 1.2 pounds, which is absolutely fit for travel. The dimensions are 12.8 inches in length, 12.8 inches in width, and 3 inches in height. It’s as large as any other sofa pillow but with a rounded shape and no middle portion. Bringing it with you during trips is convenient as it fits into any bag effortlessly.

You also won’t have to worry that the pillow will get deformed when inside a bag as it is naturally bendable. By making a hole in the center, manufacturers of the travel pillow were able to make a versatile design that allows bending and twisting as needed by the user in different situations and environments.

As for the materials used, the travel pillow is made from a unique combination of 100% polyester fleece, 85% nylon, and 15% spandex, giving the pillow enough flexibility without feeling too loose. 100% polystyrene micro-beads fill the pillow as well. As a result of these components, the product emerges soft, durable, and warm, the perfect combination for relaxing naps.

Price-wise, this all-around pillow costs less than $20, which is something many consumers will consider a fair trade for utmost comfort and relaxation. It is also only slightly more expensive than traditional pillows and cushions, but with better function and quality. And because it is a multipurpose pillow, you can simply buy one rather than buy five or six at a time just to make yourself comfy.

This low cost is made only more appealing thanks to free shipping from Amazon. Although, this offer is valid if you order two pillows at once. You can also visit the official website and pay a little extra, yet there are bonuses in store for you as well. It is also recommended to browse the main website as there are some cheaply constructed fakes roaming about the Internet.

The locking mechanism of the Total Pillow is also superbly designed. Once you form it to your needs, the pillow won’t collapse or expand accidentally, keeping the same high level of support and comfort on the targeted area of the body. As mentioned above, there are bonuses waiting for consumers who order through the product’s main site, one of which is the Total Compress.

As the name implies, Total Compress packs act as a hot compress or positioned in the freezer for a cold compress, depending on the given weather conditions. The Total Compress packs are tailored with a subtle fleece coat and are designed to fit the shallow center of the pillow. Hand in hand, these two components will leave you relaxed and comfortable during your well-deserved sleep.

Adding $8 to the original retail price, consumers can avail of another enticing bonus in the form of a buy-one-take-one special offer. Out of the box, you’ll get 2 versatile Total Pillows, 2 Total Compress packs, and 2 fleece covers for your compress packs. The product is supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee, inspiring confidence and peace of mind to consumers.

As for the order process, you’ll have to fill out a form with some basic data including name, address, contact info, and the type of payment you wish to use. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

The official site is, of course, secure and safe to provide such information. You can also track and review the status of your placed orders and talk to customer support services who are very friendly and responsive.


Ergonomic design. The Total Pillow is so flexible and ergonomic that it is able to support all key areas of your body.

All-around support. This versatile pillow is great for supporting your head, neck, bottom, spine, ankles, elbows, and stomach. Whether you’re playing games on the floor, sitting at the park, taking a quick nap on the train or plane, or watching TV, the pillow is able to bend and twist for your needs.

High-quality materials. The product is designed with a combination of nylon, spandex, polyester, and tension-easing micro-beads that are the key to the product’s flexibility and durability.

It comes with free Total Compress packs. Keep your body or head cool or warm, depending on the weather conditions. The Total Compress pack perfectly fits the center of the pillow to give you the heat or cold you need to comfortably sleep.

Affordable. For less than $20 and with a bunch of freebies, the product is definitely a bargain deal no thrifty buyer would want to miss out on.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next
The Total Pillow is highly recommended, particularly for consumers who frequently travel on the plane, train, or car. Though it is also great for casual indoor use, one will only see its key benefits when outdoors.

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