Shopping Cart Maintenance Tips

Shopping carts are essential tools that help customers carry a large number of items at once. When something is wrong with the cart, the shopping experience can be more annoying than anything else. Below are some steps that employees can take to make sure the carts are operating at their capacity.

Wheel Maintenance

The shopping cart’s wheels are often the first thing to go bad on a cart. It doesn’t matter whether the wheels are sticky or broken– either annoyance can make the cart difficult to do. When this happens, the first thing you can do is try to unstick the wheels. Using WD-40 or a similar product can help with this. If the wheels are broken beyond repair, then you can order some shopping cart wheels through a variety of online sources. While you can order the wheel to match the cart model, you don’t necessarily have to. So long as the wheel and screw are the same sizes as the originals, it should work.

Replacement Seat Parts

Another part of the cart that can become broken easily is the little seat belt that young children are often strapped in with. The plastic piece on the bottom of these seats may also become damaged over time. When it comes to these parts, it is usually easier to replace them, rather than fix them, unless the sea only has a crack in it; in this case, it can be fixed with super glue.

Cart Cleanliness

Other parts of the cart aren’t likely to break, so the next biggest cart-related concern is cleanliness. Countless numbers of people use the carts each day, and there’s no saying where their hands have been. One thing employees can do to keep the carts clean is to leave out sanitizing wipes that customers can use before or after they do their shopping. This can help to kill germs quickly. At the end or beginning of each day, employees should also wipe down the handles of the carts themselves, just in case some people didn’t do so themselves. This little extra measure can do a long way to making sure the carts are safe to use and can help to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

Both repairing carts and keeping them clean are essential tasks. Employees should do both whenever possible to keep the carts running smoothly and keep them as germ-free as possible.

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