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Ways an Orthodontic Treatment Plan can Benefit You

An opinion poll conducted among British Orthodontic Society (BOS) members suggested the orthodontic treatment trend is to include more adult patients. New data revealed the number of adult patients in the UK investing in orthodontic treatment has risen to 80 per cent. The interest in clear aligners such as Invisalign Hertfordshire is very positive, with 70 per cent of dental practitioners providing these orthodontic options.

A person’s smile plays an important part in their wellbeing, this is why adult patients benefit from orthodontic treatments. To smile confidently can translate into advancements in one’s career path, widening one’s social circles and straight teeth also promotes dental health.

Advantages of having straight teeth

Improve chewing difficulties

When a patient’s upper and lower teeth are not in proper alignment, chewing or biting can be difficult, with the result that a patient may have excessive tooth wear or even pain.

Alleviates overcrowding

An overcrowded mouth can directly contribute to poor oral health, as food can get stuck in between teeth. Difficult-to-reach areas make brushing ineffective and flossing difficult. Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Hertfordshire have long been used to correct such issues.

Resolves overbite or underbite issues

Not only can misaligned teeth make it a challenge to clean teeth, but they increase the danger of weakening teeth and exposing them to increase wear. Resolving these issues with Invisalign Hertfordshire patients can better protect their teeth.

Boosts happiness and self-acceptance

Smiling opens people up to feeling more positive in their outlook on life. Not feeling confident in one’s appearance increases discomfort in social situations with some person even ‘hiding’ away from society or not smiling. As humans we are social beings by nature, lack of social contact will adversely impact on a person’s ability to be happy.

Avoids the danger of protruding teeth

Teeth that extend too far forward are more in danger of being damaged or knocked out should a patient fall or receive a blow to the face.

Clear invisible aligners (Invisalign Hertfordshire) have become the preferred orthodontic solution and choice for patients not wanting to wear conventional braces. Clear aligners comprise of virtually invisible medical-grade plastic trays, allowing for more patient confidence and comfort. Another huge plus point is that patients benefit from 3D computer imaging technology that streamlines the orthodontic process, saving the patient valuable time. Patients on Invisalign treatments find that they save time by not having to keep too many clinic appointments.

Seeking orthodontic treatment as early as possible is always advised, as early intervention will help prevent problems from escalating and help avoid unnecessary discomfort. Whether it is to look better or feel better find the best orthodontic solution for you at your local dental clinic.

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