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Who is Able to Receive Pro Bono Support?

Solicitor firms in London believe in having social responsibility for the community that they serve. They do their utmost to support the welfare of the people, the businesses and the environment in which they work. 

Free legal advice and pro bono work are available to certain people in certain circumstances. This is an attempt to give back to the community, as well as allowing every person in the community a fair chance to receive aid and support. 

Justice should be given to every person, whether or not they can afford legal support. If someone does not qualify to have free legal aid, they can certainly approach a solicitor to arrange the chance to have the legal aid provided pro bono. 

It can be difficult for businesses to do what they can to reduce their impact on the environment. This is a hot topic and cannot simply be ignored. Running a business goes beyond making profits and growing larger. There are expectations that are placed upon a business that require them to do their bit for their community. 

By acknowledging these obligations to think about the wider interests of their clients, their employees and the entire community as a whole, law firms have implemented a number of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. These can make a real difference to the sustainability of the environment and the welfare of the people who are within the community.

What are some of these initiatives?

An active participation in a number of voluntary and charity groups as well as community projects can be both rewarding and exciting to support. By using the skills that a solicitor has they can be of great use to many community projects, or sometimes simply active engagement from employees is enough. 

Social inclusion projects through voluntary work gives workers a purpose beyond their everyday working lives. By offering people in the community free legal work and free legal advice clinics, they can gain an understanding about what is happening in the community rather than simply focusing on people who approach them. 

This not only supports different people within the community, but it gives lawyers an understanding of the society they support as a whole. This can further expand and influence their knowledge in how they need to operate.

Mentoring future solicitors and providing apprenticeships, work experience and opportunities for education and employment allows those who are considering a career in this field to see through example what the values of integrity, compassion and care are capable of. 

By focusing the business on being more environmentally sustainable, they can lead by example. Taking steps to be more energy efficient and reducing waste are small steps in the right direction that need to be taken by all businesses, big or small. 

By providing training in this matter and raising awareness throughout the company and the community as a whole, it opens the topic up for discussion about how further actions can help them to become a better company.

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