7 Mistakes That Could Invalidate Your Car Insurance Policy

When you buy car insurance, you have to be responsible and honest right from the beginning. Any mistake you make can prove to be costly and can even lead to your car insurance policy getting nullified. Take a look at this article to know how you can avoid making these mistakes and keep your car insurance cover safe and secured for the entire duration of the policy.

Car insurance Mistakes you Should Avoid

#1 Committing a fraud

Car insurance fraud can have dire consequences. From not being honest when applying for the new car insurance plan to lying on a claim form, you have to be careful not to be dishonest at any stage. If you commit insurance fraud, not only will you lose your cover, you can also land up in more serious legal trouble. To be honest at all steps and maintain your car insurance cover in the correct manner.

#2 Not informing about modifications

When you make modifications to your vehicle, the value of the car increases. And since a car insurance policy covers the present value of your car, it is very important to inform the insurance provider about the modification right away. If you do not do so, you may end up getting your car insurance policy nullified. So be prompt with your updates and keep the insurance company informed about any changes you make to your vehicle at any time.

#3 Breaking traffic rules

If you break a traffic rule and get involved in an accident, your car insurance online cover won’t bail you out. In fact, you may even risk getting the entire policy nullified. So be very careful when you drive and adhere to all the traffic rules. Don’t overtake unnecessarily, don’t jump signals and don’t change lanes without indicating first. It is easy to follow the traffic rules and be safe and responsible at all time.

#4 Not maintaining the car properly

When you buy car insurance online, your insurance provider promises to protect your car against damages. In return, you promise to take care of it to the best of your ability. This involves maintaining your car and getting it serviced on time. if you fail to do this, the insurance provider will also invalidate your new car insurance cover.

#5 Leaving the keys in the car

Your car insurance cover will protect against thefts, but you also have to do your bit and keep the car as safe as possible. If you voluntarily leave the car keys in the vehicle or leave it unlocked, it is your fault. The car insurance coverage will get nullified due to this error on your part.

#6 Using the car for a different purpose

If you have a license for personal use and use the vehicle commercially, you are committing a felony. This can lead to your insurance cover being nullified. So remember to get the paperwork done properly and use your vehicle to fulfill the purpose it is meant for. If you bend the rules, you will stand to lose your car insurance cover.

#7 Illegal rentals

Last but not least, you should not rent your car to someone and earn a quick buck from it. The insurance cover stays good only when you are driving the car. If you hand over the keys to someone else and they get into an accident, you will lose your car insurance protection. So drive your car yourself and be responsible for it.

The bottom line

Avoid making these car insurance mistakes. As you can see, you can easily avoid them. So make an effort to stay on the right side of the law. You then won’t have to worry about losing your car insurance online cover. It is important to have such a cover at all times, so make sure you have a valid insurance plan whenever you drive your car.

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