Boost Your Business with the Help of AI-Powered Chatbots

The role of the chatbot has become more crucial than ever. With artificial intelligence incorporated with AI-powered chatbots, the businesses of today are adopting this platform to enhance their customer service and engagement. Although considering how useful chatbots have proven to be in terms of providing better and accurate communication including learning the patterns and adjusting accordingly with the help of AI – the application itself hasn’t picked up as fiercely as one would have hoped.

Gartner, however, seems hopeful as it states, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a mainstream customer experience investment in the next couple of years.” In addition to this, a survey held by Oracle includes that nearly 80% of marketers plan on using a chatbot by 2020. The chatbot itself is expected to reach $1.25 billion by the year 2025.

So far so good? These AI-powered chatbots have become a powerful technology that not only can take on simple user queries but also inculcate advanced predictive analysis based real-time conversation.

So, a chatbot, in a nutshell, can interact with your customers in real-time, generate, and nurture leads even, and reap sales through effective communication. This allows businesses to refine their customer service and fasten the business process entirely.

We have learned how AI-chatbots help to power up businesses of all scales. Now, we can dive deeper into the pros of chatbots for businesses more.

How AI-Chatbots Help Businesses Grow?

Improve Your Customer Service, not take Over It

There is this underlying fear that chatbots will take over most jobs. Yes, the technology is being refined and has the power to take over menial tasks. However, let’s not fan those sci-fi fears of ours.

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Similarly, chatbots will help customer service and support allowing businesses to divert their workforce on other matters. So what advantages do chatbots provide in the customer service area?

  • 24/7 availability and support
  • Providing instant solutions to customers
  • Cheaper than hiring actual agents and customer support reps
  • Ability to self-learn and adapt.
  • Can cater to multiple languages

Recommend Products and Services Generating Businesses

This is the advantage businesses have when they incorporate AI-Chatbots; they can not only just do the right talking addressing user queries, but are intelligent enough to recommend related products and services. Taking this up a notch, they can also initiate and ask the right questions to a potential lead and then make the recommendation.

Businesses that have services or products to offer can really boost their sales through these intelligent bots that act as the human version of the agent. Not only this, but these AI-bots can also learn about the type of queries they receive and the overall structure of the business and help drive more sales.

Speaking of facilitating sales, this brings us to our next advantage provided by chatbots.

Assisting Sales

Talking to a potential sale and recommending the right products is definitely one way these chatbots are furthering businesses. But, they can also assist sales without having any human interaction; they can take orders, confirm them, and get them delivered to the right addresses. Pretty amazing, right!?

For businesses handling massive influx of user-initiated queries asking about services or products – these chatbots will certainly streamline the sales for the company without the executives having to sweat about anything.

Humanized Interaction

So far, we have discussed how chatbots can interact with customers, learn about them and their preferences, and recommend products generating sales. Now, all this conversation that the chatbot is carrying is carried out in the most human-like way possible that unless you actually know that this is a chatbot, you wouldn’t be able to catch it.

With technologies such as NLP (Natural Language Processing), the chatbots are swift at understanding the query and responding without creating any delay that a machine would normally create.

This way, the companies handle all incoming queries without making any customer wait.

Make Website’s Navigation a Piece of Cake

Not everyone is tech-savvy and not every website is simple – this is where these chatbots suggest the right pages and divert user’s attention where required. Often times, when a visitor comes to a site, they find difficulty in finding what they are looking for. Or they simply just go to the chat option and ask there to save their time and energy. Chatbots can help to suggest or directing the visitors to the right pages; be it a service page or a product page.

Reduced Efforts and Costs

As we discussed earlier how chatbots can take over the menial and repetitive conversations while the representatives can handle such complex tasks. Consequently, these chatbots allow businesses to save a lot of labor costs.

With AI and machine learning technology, the process of customer service is automated with maximum precision, speeding up the process; everything without having to hire separate agents. This gives businesses the leeway to focus their manpower and money on tasks that truly require human expertise.

So, with the help of AI-chatbots, we are looking at streamlined customer service operations with little to no requirement of human-interference.

Happy and Satisfied Customers

The technology doesn’t get tired, moody, or absent – this is why your customers will be treated with the utmost priority and care. With great programming, these chatbots can carry out friendly, warming, and human-like conversations. This elevates the satisfaction of your customers and they are encouraged to place their trust in you and in the services you offer.

So, What’s Your Verdict? Here’s Ours.

Chatbots are the present and future. The implementation of such chatbots will be a great decision for any organization, big or small. These chatbots can be personalized according to your brand’s voice and values.

Although many big names have adopted such technology, many have yet to embrace the new. There are many software development companies in Houston that would gladly take up the role of your technology partner, developing the chatbot you need along with the website in which it can be incorporated.

So, why wait to be left behind and embrace the new technology of the present and the future.

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