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How to Choose The Right Size Rug to Enhance The Look and Feel of Your Room?

Find a Perfect Rug for Your Home

Home décor shopping is one of the most anxiety-inducing tasks. Home is a personal space and one always wants to add an accessory that goes well with all the elements and amplifies the decoration quotient. Be it sculpture, painting or a premium rug. Modern rugs have taken a giant leap and now come in various styles including contemporary, transitional etc. With various designs, patterns, shades and materials to choose from, it is not at all an easy task to find a perfect rug for your home. You can now surely find the best range of rugs as modern carpet manufacturers in India have so much to offer unlike before. But choosing the best one for your space requires you to make some efforts. It must sit in harmony with your beloved space and complement to your décor. And the most important thing is that it should have an apt size that goes with the size of your room and amplifies the look and feel of the room. Many a time, buyers tick all the right boxes while choosing the best rug, but fail to determine the size and end up spoiling the overall look. Hence, it is very important to pay attention to the point and relevance of choosing the right size rug to create a complete look.


Every room comes with a distinctive style, size, and measurements. Thus, it is important to understand that every room requires a unique rug.

First off, you should have exact measurements with you before buying a rug. If you find it difficult to take proper measurement then seek professional help. They can take the exact measurements and take note of layout factors such as door frames, odd corners, windows and other important aspects of your room that play a crucial role in deciding the size of the rug. Although one can perform this step with a tape measure, still if you find any problem it’s better to consult a professional.

Secondly, you need to decide on the usage part. How you are going to use the rug in your space? Determining the traffic and activities to perform play a very important role to consider the size. For an instance, if you want to designate a special area for certain things then that would impact the size of the rug.

Thirdly, consider the décor of your space and shape of the rug you want to have. Every décor design is different and every style of rug showcases a unique pattern, design, size, and print. Pick the one that goes with the décor and size of your room. If it’s a large hall or living space then you can go with a large circular or rectangular rug. On the other hand, if it’s a dining room then pick an oval shaped rug. And for the bedroom, you can buy rug runners.

Fourthly, a living room rug must be large enough to accommodate all furniture. Make sure that all your furniture sits aptly and neatly on the rug, whereas if furniture is aligned with a wall, then you can pick a rug covering the front legs of all furniture.

Fifthly, if you love to invite your friends or family over lavish dinner parties and looking for a rug for a dining room then choose a rug that fits all chairs on the rug to create a welcoming and complete look.

Last but certainly not the least, always remember that bigger is always better, especially when you are buying it for a family or living room. A large rug has the power to create the space more welcoming, comforting and gives you a scope of organizing rest of the elements present in the room.

Modern carpet manufacturers in Delhi are leaving no stone unturned to offer best carpets in Delhi in order to elevate the style and comfort quotient of your personal space to manifolds. They can also guide you on various styles, right size, and best designs so that you can easily get the best rug for your room.

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