How To Make Your Mobile Banking A Competitive Weapon

For many, banks are a headache. Long lines, confusing forms, no replies, and a lot of bureaucracy. This is why mobile app development has become the new rage.

Successfully removing all the issues that many people tend to have with banks. And on top of that, you put a lot of power in the hands of the customer. So they can look after many things themselves.

The Digital Age

As software development continues to innovate, companies have been able to invent and improve technology like never before.

We essentially have an app for everything and banks are no different. In fact some would argue that a bank needs an app more than any other industry.

More Sophisticated Software

Now that we’ve established how far we’ve come, it’s good to acknowledge that mobiles themselves have become fairly complex machines.

Mini-computers, as they’re often called, have a lot of different functions and can handle increasingly demanding processes. Banking apps are small fry compared to what most phones can manage.

Your goal should be to optimize the mobile banking experience as much as possible.

  • User-friendly UI
  • Well-designed mobile browser site
  • Extremely tight security measures

Automation And Self-Service

The primary focus of your mobile app development need to be these two areas. Automation to make your life easier and self-service to make the customer’s life easier.

Automation keeps your staff away from tedium and repeatable tasks, saving time and increasing productivity.

  • Testing security scenarios
  • Chatbots for simpler queries
  • Blocking fraudulent transactions
  • Accessibility testing

Meanwhile self-service needs to be capable of the following:

  • Service activation
  • Filing complaints
  • Opening, closing, and checking accounts

Expectations Of The Average Customer

In order to stay competitive and maintain an edge over your industry rivals, you need to stay on top of expectations. 

Ultimately you need to offer utility and convenience to your customers. Nowadays, many services and software are fairly commonplace. So your goal is less about standing out from the competition, but more about staying neck and neck.

How Tech Savvy Are They?

Most people nowadays have access to a smartphone, by default this means that the average person is more tech savvy than ever before.

With Millennials and Gen Z have grown up with these advancements so it’s necessary to offer a certain standard. Simple services won’t cut it when the competition is capable of letting you pay bills.

Providing Quick Answers

On a similar tangent, people like quick solutions. You need to focus on the development of solid infrastructure.

This means having backups, fail safes, and a lot of automation. Not to mention, a very well trained staff. Making people wait for simple answers just doesn’t cut it.


Mobile app development is one of the key goals of many banks. If your objective is to stay ahead of competition you need to remember the customer.

Focusing too much on industry rivals can end up being counter-productive when you lose touch with what customers want and what will benefit them.

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