Make a fashion statement with classic gold Jewellery Designs

Who does not like to dress up, well, we all do! Without proper or apt accessories our look may seem a bit incomplete. Where there are umpteen options in the type of accessories that one can choose from, gold remains on top of the list, especially for occasions like weddings, festivals, special occasions, etc. If you are looking for ways to accessories with various gold jewellery designs for making a fashion statement, well, we recommend reading the following post!

The right kind of gold jewellery for women or men can ramp up your style instantly and here’s how you can go about it:

  • Gold Rings: Well, rings are jewellery staples for all of us and most of us wear them on a regular basis. However, when it comes to making a fashion statement with rings, you should choose bolder rings. Choose multi-tier rings, elegant bands or gold rings with solitaire diamonds. These finger accessories may make your ensemble look so prominent that you can even skip other accessories. Choosing trendy designs in filigree or floral patterns may lend a girlie charm to your look.
  • Gold Necklaces: The necklaces in gold can be as elaborate as you want or they can be as dainty and elegant as they can get. Depending on what you plan to wear with it. A sleek gold necklace with a sassy evening gown can complement a red carpet look and a chunkier gold necklace with gem-stones, diamonds or pearls can notch up the style quotient of the traditional wedding or festive look.
  • Gold Bangles: The wrist embracers or bangles in gold look splendid in any traditional or western avatar. There is no doubt that bolder and more pronounced pieces of jewellery become instantly eye-catching but sometimes slender and more Sauvé patterns also make heads turns. You can opt for broader or thicker gold bangles to complement your sarees, suits or lehengas. For traditional outfits, you can also stack gold bangles to offer a more regal and royal charm to your look. For making a style statement or look voguish with western outfits, you may accessorize with gold bangles in more subtle designs or minimalistic patterns. Diamonds or gemstone settings can enhance your look. Pearl settings in bangles go well with lacy or delicate western dresses.
  • Gold Earrings: Just a pair of sassy earrings can make your evening outfit look dressy and classy. The size and pattern of earrings should be chosen to keep your face cut and body type in mind. If you are petite, avoid making fashion statements with bigger earrings. Make sure that the length or size of the earrings does not overpower your petite frame. Opt for rounded earrings that stay close to your ear lobes or hang a bit below. Women who have long necks and are taller can make a statement with chandelier-style or long gold earrings.

One thing that we must keep in mind while accessorizing with a gold accessory is to wear it with élan and confidence and trust us, it will make you stand out in any party or gathering!

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