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The Ultimate Guide to Voice Search Optimization 2019

If time travel is real and you are transported to an era untouched by technology, do you think you can survive? Probably not.

Though technology has constantly been improving our lives for the better, we are kind of addicted to it. You cannot simply go by the day without the internet and your smartphone, can you? 

Technology has enhanced human lifestyle in more than one way. Today, we can get access to possibly anything and everything on this planet. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a device to access any information. With a few clicks and scrolls, you can connect to the different corners of the world. 

Search Engines: A Machine Resolving All Your Queries

Search engines are the greatest invention that has leveraged the internet with its searching ability. You have to just type your query on the search engine, and the search crawlers would crawl across the web to find suitable links that best answers your query.

With the advent of technology and focusing on making the searching proves a lot easier, the voice search was invented. We all know typing the query can be a time-consuming process, but with voice search, you can simply give instructions verbally. Local SEO services India is not only about answering to the typed queries but also paying attention to the voice searches as well. 

What is Voice Search?

It is a speech recognition technology that helps users to complete their search by saying the words and phrases without typing on the keyboard. With the inclusion of smartphones and other internet-dependent devices, there has been an increase in the popularity of voice search among the audience. Voice search is similar to the conventional type search; all you need is your voice to perform your search.

Automatic Speech Research is the mechanism that is used in voice search and has a text-to-speech technology (TTS) for output. In most cases, users need to activate the voice assistant to conduct the search. For instance, to search anything on Google you need to command “Ok, Google” before saying your search query, for Amazon Alexa, you have to say “Hey, Alexa“. Once you have activated the voice assistant, you can start your search and avail the results depending on your query. 

Applications of Voice Search

 There are numerous applications of voice search. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • To make search engine query
  • To clarify your search requests
  • To launch applications/programs/software and select options
  • To play audio/video files
  • To voice dial
  • To request specific information. For, eg. Stock rates, weather reports, sports score. Etc.

Supported Languages

Languages are an important part of voice search. Without proper language, you cannot command or ask a query on the search engine. In order to avail accurate results, you need to make sure that you are speaking in the correct language. The voice search language comprises of a wide range of national languages, dialects, and accents. Different voice assistants have their specific sets of languages that they support. 

Evolution of Voice Search

Since its inception in the digital world, voice search has changed the way users conduct their search. When you are multitasking, voice search comes in handy to search for things on the go. Voice search is also used to make your personal and professional life easier for you. Voice search was not a popular option before Google made an announcement that they are about to implement voice search on their search engine in 2011.

Such a game-changing revelation by Google expedites the need for voice search optimization. Initially, voice searches only registered the English language, but with the advancement in technology, today, Google voice search can support around 60 languages. 

Why Do You Need To Optimize Voice Search? 

SEO is the sauce of digital marketing. Without SEO, there’s nothing relevant in the digital realm. Voice searches are no different. optimization of Voice search is a significant part of SEO as in the near future voice searches will completely replace the typed searches. Hence, it becomes more than important to pay attention to voice search optimization now.

The advancement of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa depicts the radical growth of voice search in the past few years. There’s no doubt in stating that voice search will be dominating the digital realm in the coming years, so optimizing it to the core is the need of the hour. Businesses must focus on voice search optimization in order to bring their brand in the alignment of the latest technological boom. 

Voice Search Optimization: An Ultimate Guide To Steer Your Brand To Productivity

It is quite evident that both typed and voice searches bring different results. Hence the optimization strategies differ in both the search methods. Voice search optimization includes optimizing every relevant aspect of your brand in order to comply with the SEO guidelines. It entails optimizing your location, brand information, content to empower the voice search results. Keep a close eye on the popular voice search keywords make sure to include it in your content so that your site rank higher in the voice search. Voice searches have been penetrated into diverse industries, including banking, lifestyle, food & beverages, health, sports, etc. It becomes necessary to optimize your business in order to attract a majority of voice searches. 

How To Optimize Your Voice Search Strategies For A Credible Position in the Digital Realm?

Businesses have leveraged the potential of voice search and constantly making their websites voice search optimized. When you are using voice search for your business with a view to engage with customers and eventually increase online sales, it is important to understand the nuances of voice search. 

It is quite evident that voice search will dominate the search engine queries in the coming years. Hence, you need to deploy strategies that can effectively optimize your voice searches. Every business aims to rank their website first on the search engine ranking, and for this, they have to tread an extra mile. Here are a few strategies for voice search optimization:- 

Make Your Business Listings Consistent

Unlike typed searches, voice searches can be complicated. People often do not properly execute their search that can leave a negative impact on your brand as well. Hence, it is important to optimize your website content and more importantly make your business listings consistent. Keep your business listings like address, phone, emails, consistent so that you don’t lose your prospective clients amidst the voice search. Research has proved that around $10.3 billion loss has been encountered due to missing and inappropriate listings. If you don’t want to lose such hefty revenue from your business, make sure your business information is accurate and easily accessible by users. 

Optimize The Speed of Your Website

A majority of voice searches are made by smartphone users, as they want to get information on the go. Site speed is an important criterion to rank higher on the search engine, and if your website is sluggish to load, then you might lose some of your valuable customers. Therefore, it is important to focus on your site speed in order to make it voice search efficient. The average time taken to load a landing page on mobile is 15 seconds which should be under 3 seconds. Assess your website on several grounds and make sure it is not facing any speed issues as it will directly affect your voice search rankings. 

Focus on Interacting With the Content

A recent study showed that 40% of people feel that voice search is similar to talking to a friend. People are interacting with their voice assistant just like they are talking to a human. You must know that when people interact with their voice assistant, they don’t use any keywords; instead, they ask questions that need to be answered. To tap into that requirement, you need to focus on generating interacting and conversational phrases. You can use long-tail keywords/phrases in your content in order to grab the search engine’s attention. Concentrate more on the natural language keywords and phrases that people generally use to initiate their search query. 

Optimize Featured Snippets

Features snippets are valuable insights extracts by Google, and it appears in a box at the top of the SERPs. Why features snippets are important is because around 30% of 1.5 million Google queries included these snippets. In order to rank higher in the voice search results, you need to generate quality content that can grab a place in the featured snippets. To enhance your position in the featured snippets, you need to create content that resolves your customer’s query, for which you need to optimize your FAQs. Keep updating your content with relevant information. Make sure to markup the question appropriately in the content. You can also think of creating compelling and engaging questions regarding your brand. 

Prioritize Structured Data

Structured data is an important element for search crawlers to extract data about your site. Search engine crawlers use the structured data of your website to ascertain the relevance of your website and determine whether to rank it higher or not. It is basically the code added to HTML markup. Structured data also helps in featuring your website content on the featured snippets as well. When it comes to voice searches, structured data becomes an essential fragment that can optimize your site for the voice search query. Make sure to keep your content updated and relevant. 

Local SEO 

According to a report, around 59% of customers use voice search to locate information regarding local businesses. Hence, it is important to extend eminent local SEO services that can bring productive results to your business. Local SEO service India is all about tapping into the requirements of customer’s local searches and providing them with the best results. For instance, if a customer is searching for the best chocolate shakes in LA are the ones who are looking for chocolate shakes near them. So, local SEO service has to include their local business in the city exactly where their store is located. It is essential to understand and pick the general keywords that are used by the customers to conduct their search. It is recommended to optimize your business information on your Google My Business page so that Google knows what to show about your business when a search query is made. 

Optimize long Form Content

Just like improving suite speed, it is important to make content comprehensive and relevant. There are instances when you need to create long content in order to answer the customers’ query in a better way. If you want to create long-form content, it is advised to use long-tail keywords that have a higher probability of getting better rank in the voice searches. Long-form content also means you can include number keywords resulting in better Local SEO ranking on the search engine results. Focus on natural keywords that are generally used by customers during their voice search. Include the keywords in the headings and subheadings of your content. Keep experimenting with keywords and always be on a lookout for general keywords that can be included in your content. Do not hesitate while adding log content. If you have the right set of keywords, you can surely excel in the search results.

Voice search has been transforming the business arena with its multiple benefits. Whether it is making the website search easier for your customers or giving them a brand new way to interact with the brand, voice search optimization will only prove to be a boon for your business. It is important to make your site voice optimized to improve your content visibility. 

The future of voice search is pretty clear; in the next few years, every other search will be completed through voice. 

If you also want to excel in your business and transform your brand identity, then you must start thinking about voice and search and find ways to include it in your marketing strategies. The above mentioned is a complete guide of voice search optimization that will help in reshaping your marketing tactics with the ever-evolving voice search.

Final Words

Ravi Sharma is a young entrepreneur who has shown intense dedication in building his brand Webomaze, delivering SEO services in Chandigarh. He has got a great grip on converting leads and sales through effective optimization promoting business growth and exposure. He is a fun-loving person who always tries to find adventure by visiting different places.

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