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Try Best Solo ad Providers here- How to Start Solo ad Brokering?

This is the right place for all the readers who have a home-based business, want to make money online, doing affiliate marketing or more. You can also try the best solo ad providers here. The reason all such readers for looking solo ad vendors is that everyone wants to use a cost-effective and simple method for driving traffic. No doubt, a solo ad is what everyone is opting for. Here you will learn how to reach your target of internet marketing with solo ads.

First thing first, understand the basics of solo ads.

To run a solo ad business you need to have a list, that’s very important. However, it is not too difficult or easy but by seeing hurdles during the process most people decide to quit. Keep patience as building a mailing list will take time.

How do start immediately?

Well, there are no way you can start without a mailing list but if you small numbers of them then you can start with solo ads. No need to have so many mailing lists.

The method we are explaining is called solo ad brokering where you purchase ads from some of the best providers and sell them to those who need it. A trick that works here is buying more and selling less. For example- you have purchase 500 clicks from a person so according to this method sell to 5 different people 100 clicks each. This way you can purchase at a lesser price and resell the clicks at a higher price to different people. Isn’t it profitable?

On the other hand, if you think that this method won’t work for you then choose the normal route. Buy the clicks only when your customer asks for. This is also good as in case you don’t have buyers for your purchased clicks then you will be in loss. So, someone who is not sure about getting more buyers for clicks can use this method.

However, no matter whichever method you choose you will get profit. That’s sure. A great start is to sell the clicks that you have purchased on a margin of $5/100 clicks. Selling 1000 clicks/week will give you a profit of $50. So, tell your, buyers, to try best solo ad providers here.

You can also build your mailing list using those clicks. How? Some people will click the links but they are not those for which you are paying as they don’t result in conversions. So, multiple clicks are not going to benefit you as the people will land to the same page they have clicked earlier. What to do then?

A rotator script will work here. How does it work? It sends all the initial clicks by people to the links of buyers and the rest of the clicks are sent to your link. However, it will not get you immediate results but slowly you will be able to build your mailing lists through the purchased clicks.


So, anyone who is interested in running a solo ad business model can use these methods and try the best solo ad providers here.

Using your strategy you can build your mailing lists. For this, you will need tools like ad tracking and rotator script. Set these tools on to your server. What these tools do is that they track the clicks and all the related details to it such as the location of clicks, IP and more. And you know what a rotator script does. Get ready with all these basic tools and install them on your server and domain. Start offering your buyers the solo ads they have been looking for.

You are completely prepared with the strategy and tools. But the big hurdle is – where are the buyers? Is there anyone interested to try best solo ad providers here? How will you find such buyers?

Don’t worry, we have answers. The best places to get the buyers are searching them on social media groups like Skype and Facebook. Warrior Forum is also a good place for those looking for buyers of their links. Join those groups and ask your buyers to purchase your links.

Wait! Join groups, where you get people interested in your niche otherwise joining any group, is of no use. Also, you will get lots of good places to start with.

However, selling solo ads is a bit challenging especially because you are just diving into the business. It means you have not enough testimonials and reviews that attract more buyers to your clicks. The fact is that all business thrives on reviews and testimonials. It is because lots of solo ad providers are into the business intending to scam others. What’s more surprising is that people are blinds into the marketing and they buy from anyone and everyone.

Well, it can be good news for you but we recommend you do not do solo ad business blindly. Nobody wants to get involved in scams because long term reliability matters. Reviews and testimonials are the only way to get protection from scammers.

In other words, build a brand reputation first and then start focusing on getting positive testimonials and reviews. Don’t worry you will get help from lots of online services such as solo checker and udimi.

The solo ad business is profitable for both buyers and sellers. It is not an easy and quick way to generate lead but the best way to build the band’s reputation in a short period. Moreover, it is a profitable and affordable method than other methods like running ad campaigns on social media. Especially a newbie will face challenges while promoting their services and products on social media. It is because getting a target audience is a bit intimidating on social media platforms despite having a huge audience.

Well, our method and strategies will work for everyone.

Concluding everything at the last, let us check what you need to start.

  • Scripts
  • Mailing list
  • Strategy for solo ad brokering
  • Connecting with groups

Done with these steps, you are ready to dive into the solo ad brokering and finally, you can say your audiences to try best solo ad providers here.

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