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What Factors Make a Beautiful Smile?

There are many different factors that determine a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile.  These include having straight, symmetrical and evenly spaced teeth, where the shape of each tooth is even.  The gum line plays a factor, as does the health of the gum as well. Also, the width of the smile can determine the level of beauty it can be assigned. 

A dentist is able to assist in perfecting a smile in accordance with these many different factors.  One way they can do this is by straightening teeth with Invisalign in Clapham

Both adults and teenagers alike can benefit from this treatment which focuses a lot on the journey of teeth straightening alongside the results.  Many people are hesitant to perfect their smile as it is difficult to make immediate sacrifices for a potential long term gain. 

By easing the choice and making a treatment solution that is more appealing, more people are likely to be interested in making choices for their overall health and wellbeing.  By speaking with a dentist about how these clear aligners can make an improvement on an individual’s health, patients can understand the importance of having straight teeth.

What is the importance of having straight teeth?

Aside from it being more beautiful, and potentially allowing people to feel more confident with their smile, straight teeth are healthier. 

This is because food particles are less likely to be trapped in the small areas where teeth cross, or are very cramped together.  When debris builds up in these areas, plaque is formed which is not only unsightly but a sign of poor oral health. 

Cavities can be formed as enamel is eroded due to plaque or the reaction of bacteria in the mouth.  If a cavity has been left for too long, it can result in severe pain and even the need to remove the tooth.  Not having all of one’s teeth has seriously detrimental effects on the health of one’s mouth as well as their general well being.  It is important to try to retain healthy teeth for as long as possible to enjoy the full functionality of one’s smile. 

How is this treatment different from traditional braces?

Traditional options are fixed, meaning that they consist of brackets that are glued to teeth, and wires that connect each one of these brackets. A dentist will tighten these wires to pull teeth into the correct position. This means that a patient needs to visit their dentist every couple of weeks to have their braces tightened.

These removable braces are a clear plastic tray that is digitally built during the initial stages of the treatment program. 

A special scan takes place during the first consultation and software is used to determine the correct realignment of the teeth, and the stages a patient needs to go through to achieve this. Different trays are designed to carry the patient through these different stages and this can be completed without the continual monitoring of a dentist. This can make the treatment process more accessible to those who have other commitments in life.

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