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Why Do Couples Divorce?

The days when divorce was considered taboo are long gone. In most instances, those who choose to divorce have extremely serious issues that concern their health and safety. Divorce is considered a better option for couples who have tried to solve their differences in vain. It is important to note that there is more to divorce than separation. For instance, you might need a spousal support lawyer to help you navigate the rigorous court process.

Keep in mind that a competent spousal support lawyer can increase your chances of qualifying for a reasonable spousal support award. Therefore, it is imperative to hire a spousal support lawyer who knows what it takes for their clients to receive adequate support.

Common Reasons that Lead to Divorce

It is not an exaggeration that most people turn to divorce as a last option. Nobody would go through the trouble of marrying their spouse only to divorce them without a tangible reason. Most relationship experts insist that it is better to end a relationship if you have failed at every attempt to stabilize the union. Here are some of the most common reasons people divorced:

  • Infidelity – According to research findings, it is emerging that infidelity is the leading cause of divorce in virtually every society. There is no doubt that trust plays a huge role in fortifying a marriage relationship. Without trust, a couple might not feel the need to confide in one another or even accomplish things together. There is nothing that suppresses trust more than infidelity. A partner who suspects their spouse of cheating might opt for divorce as a way of safeguarding their dignity. Though divorce should always be considered a last option, it is always recommended, especially when repeated cases of infidelity are wreaking havoc on a marriage union.
  • Money problems – Money plays an important role in every marriage; without money, most bills and requirements would go unattended. This becomes a recipe for stress and, in some cases, unending chaos and confrontations between couples. Whether a couple has stayed together for an extended or short period, money problems can easily frustrate their relationship and cause them to go separate ways. However, couples are always advised to learn the art of managing pressure that comes with money problems. This is the best way of handling financial crisis issues and finding a lasting solution to them.
  • Addiction – Most relationships have collapsed as a consequence of addiction from either one or both spouses. Whether it’s an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or even sex, the fact remains that addiction has a serious effect on its victims, since it impairs their judgment and causes them to make reckless decisions that end up affecting their relationship. If a spouse is addicted to any of the mentioned things, it might be difficult for them to fulfill their obligation as far as family matters are concerned. This is normally the case since victims of addiction tend to spend a significant amount of time and money on satisfying their craving for whatever it is they are addicted to. Such behaviors might work to the disadvantage of the other partner, who will feel abandoned and neglected. The next option would be divorce and seek a new life somewhere else.
  • Incompatibility – For a marriage relationship to stand the test of time, both partners must sacrifice to create a middle ground for executing most family demands. It starts with fundamental aspects like religion or faith, jobs, and handling family matters that generally require your attention. Without compatibility, it might not be easy to hold a relationship together, no matter how hard a couple tries.

Final thought

Spousal support is something that should not be taken for granted. This is especially the case for a spouse who has sacrificed their time, education, and experience to succeed in a marriage union. It is important to hire a spousal support lawyer to help with the huge responsibility of seeking spousal support.

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